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sabato 27 aprile 2013

My bouclè jacket

Hello there ! As I promised in some post earlier I finally wore my bouclè jacket inspired by the Chanel classic ! I opted for a striped sailor look like !
Have a great weekend


domenica 14 aprile 2013


This morning I made ​​this necklace, I wore it immediately for a beautiful sunny day out! I think it goes nicely with my red blouse and dear parka!

                Elephant brooch-gift from my old good friend Jasmina

Dorothy ballerinas

 Macchiato for me :)


necklace - diy
silk blouse - vintage
jeans and parka - Oviesse
shoes - Dorothy Perkins

sabato 6 aprile 2013


This is my todays outfit, finally the temperature allowed me to wear a leather jacket!
After days of rain and graysome Sunshine arrived, too bad that good things do not last long ...

my beloved old Mango sunglasses

I wish you all a good weekend with this song  Sunshine of your Love

martedì 2 aprile 2013

see through bags

Do you like my glossy, colorful,transparent bags?
This is my answer to the ''see through'' trend
and the crazy thing is that I found them in the school department at the supermarket!