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lunedì 30 luglio 2012

bike ride under July sun

I took a morning ride with my brand new bike and considering that July sun is so hot I wore a white blouse to protect my skin and my straw hat!The shorts are a diy project!It's a lot of time that I'm searching for the perfect pair of jeans to cut and finally and luckily I've found a pair of perfect legendary levi's 501!

white blouse..... Zara
denim shorts......diy (levi's)
bag...................Primadonna Collection
swan ring..........Stella Z

sabato 28 luglio 2012

let's talk about SALES

It's summer sale time and usually I don't buy summer stuff at these time because summer sales means one thing...sunny weather is leaving rainy seasons are coming!
When I look at shops this time , I prefer focus on things from summer collection that can be wearable in autumn or winter!
These are my latest picks :
shiny sweater (PROMOD  12 euro)
red pants (ZARA 16 euro)
floral blouse (H&M 5euro)
blue pants (H&M 10 euro)


domenica 22 luglio 2012

Orange fever

I'm a little bit obsessed with orange color lately!I call it orange fever ,when I see something orange I run in front of it like a magnet! These are some of my orange picks !
The bag (a gift from my sister) and the derby shoes are from Primadonna Collection

Have a nice week             ♫ Peggy Lee - Fever ♫

venerdì 13 luglio 2012


                                                   Thoughts fly back to a special day,
                                                                 Precious time,
                                                               Lovely Moments,
                                                 and a special present that I call Žiko

domenica 8 luglio 2012

fringe plait diy necklace

I want to show you my new diy  fringe necklace ! I finished  it yesterday so today is the first time I wore it! I combined it with my  Pepe Jeans waistcoat,a golden not branded dress ,United colors of  Benetton bag and shoes I bought 2 weeks ago for incredible 10 euro

domenica 1 luglio 2012


My boyfriend and I had a fantastic trip to Sirmione , a cute place on Lago di Garda! I wore my retro inspired sailor dress,that I litterally had to sew from the strart because I have used an old super large dress with no form that looked like a sack on me when I first found it and tryed it on!After a lot of cutting ,tightening and sewing this is the result!
The pictures are not the best because it was too sunny and was impossible to see something and make a decent picture!I added some yellow tones because looks good with my dress J

This 3 pictures are taken in front of a wonderful shop where my boy bought this beautiful gift to me J
soooo happy

I coudn't return home without a suvenir and when I saw this lovely T-shirt ...I had to buy it coudn't leave it there alone becouse was the only one in the store , I like it a lot ,too cute

bye bye J